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Monochrome Trend

Even the least fashion-conscious among us could not have failed to notice the popularity of monochrome dressing this season. Fashion trendsetters, celebrities and catwalks across the globe have been latching onto the black and white theme, and displaying outfits in a wide range of styles that give a salute to the monochrome trend. It is … read more

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The perfect Summer accesorises

The right accessories can make an outfit and the wrong ones will ruin it. Stylish women know just how to choose the perfect accessory for their outfit in order to lift it from the mundane to something really special. Avoid accessory overload, however. Coco Chanel used to say that every woman should look in the … read more

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What to wear to a Summer wedding

The summer wedding season is almost upon us again so if you are already planning your outfit and need some inspiration, look no further than our guide to summer wedding style. Weddings are often very grand affairs these days with brides and grooms going to great lengths, and expense, to make their special day memorable. … read more

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So Kate Moss is 40?

So Kate Moss is 40? The newspapers have been making a great deal of fuss about this event as though it were something that really mattered to all of us. But does it, really? Yes, she is very attractive and, no doubt, very good at her job but really, does it matter so very much … read more

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Are you stuck in a clothes rut?

Let’s be honest here, many of us are guilty of wearing the same style of clothes day in and day out and have been for many years. How many times do you go into your favourite fashion store (BonmarchĂ©, of course!) and pick up a top or a skirt just because it looks like the … read more

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