176015_69If you are fortunate enough to be planning a beach holiday this summer you will want to buy a new swimsuit, no doubt. We all deserve to feel good about the way we look, yet there is something about wearing a swimsuit that can reduce the most confident woman to cowering wreck.

This is such a shame, because no matter what our shape there are many different designs of swimsuits that will make us look and feel on top of the world. It is just a matter of choosing the right style for our body shape.

One of the best places to look for swimsuits right now is Bonmarche, which has a wide range of flattering one piece swimsuits as well as swim dresses, tankinis and bikinis available in sizes 10 to 26 in all their stores as well as online.

The first step in finding the ideal swimsuit is to decide what body shape you have. Think about how weight is distributed around your body. Do you gain weight most easily around the hips or your tummy?


Fruits are often used to describe body shape. For example, could you be apple, pear or even banana shaped? Apples have waists that are wider than their hips and nearly as wide as their bust. Pears have hips that are much wider than their waist and bust. Bananas (or those with straight figures) are thin all over and their waists are similar in width to their hips and bust. Finally, there is the classic hourglass figure that is not defined in fruit terms and has a waist that is much smaller than hips or bust.

Once you have defined your own shape, think about which parts of your body are good enough to emphasise and which you would rather minimise. In other words, which assets do you feel comfortable enough to draw attention to, and which would you rather draw the eye away from?

Apple shapes


Apple shapes are often top heavy and so need a swimsuit with great support. Look for a swimsuit with bra type support, even underwiring, to make the most of what is, after all, a great asset! Look for thick and adjustable shoulder straps and chest bands.

To balance your body shape, choose a swimsuit with detailing on the bottom half, such as bows or ruffles which also serve to draw the eye away from your tummy to your legs. Fuller swim shorts are also a great choice because they widen the hips, thus balancing out your figure into the very desirable hourglass shape. Other great designs which will help you feel more comfortable are slightly flared tankini tops. These are very flattering because they don’t cling to your tummy. A ruched front will also camouflage larger tum and make you feel very feminine.

Pear shapes

Women with pear shapes often have smaller busts and so can wear halter neck tops or bandeau swimsuits which have very narrow shoulder straps or even none at all. The bandeau style will make your bust seem fuller, creating the classic hourglass shape. Ruches at the front and sides will conceal a larger tum while high cut legs will lengthen the leg line drawing the emphasis away from the hip. High waisted bikini bottoms look good too, disguising muffin tops and covering up the bottom.

Banana shapes

176127_53_bWomen with a fairly straight up and down figure can add curves and interest with ruffles, frills and ruching. Floral and animal prints break up the silhouette and create the illusion of curves while high cut legs emphasise leg length.

Classic hour glass shapes

If you are lucky enough to have this shape naturally you will look great in some of the sexy one piece swimsuits that are around this season. Bonmarche have a number of swimsuits with buckles at the waist that will emphasise your best asset, your waistline and can be worn with a wrap if you feel more comfortable with your bottom and thighs covered.

When you have decided what style swimsuit you want to try, think about colour. Black can be very flattering and make you feel slimmer but don’t be afraid to try bold colours too. Pale skins look very good wearing blues and greens and darker skins look great wearing pinks, oranges and golds.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and plains. A print on top and a plain bottom suits pear shapes while a plain top with a printed bottom works well if you have a flatter bottom but a larger bust. One of the great things about the Bonmarche line of swimwear is that they sell tankini and bikini tops and bottoms separately so you can be really sure that you are buying swimwear that you are buying swimwear that will both suit and fit you perfectly.

With the right swimsuit you can show off your assets and conceal those parts you are not so proud of. You’ll look and feel wonderful, which is, after all, what a relaxing summer holiday is all about.

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