Look out for colourful, exciting and eye-catching prints to wear this summer. They’ll be hard to miss! The great thing about wearing some of the beautiful prints that are currently hitting our stores is that you have to smile when you see them. They just make you feel happy.

Prints have really exploded into the fashion world this season. They have been popular on the catwalks for a number of years, but it is only this year that we are seeing quite so many gorgeous designs to choose from. Floral prints are timeless, of course, and delicate rose036070_31_medium patterns on tea dresses look as elegant as ever. But what is special about prints this season is the explosion of colour that we are seeing: sumptuous blues and greens with splashes of gold. These are prints that will get you noticed and make you feel fabulous.

Bonmarche has a huge range of glorious printed fabrics this season. It wasn’t so long ago that prints meant animal prints, but that is far from the case now. You will see floral prints, geometric prints, tropical designs and, yes, lots of animal prints but not of the orange leopard-skin variety. They are a great deal more subtle and stylish.

David Emanuel’s beautiful range of dresses for Bonmarche will not disappoint. His maxi dresses are just right for this summer. You’ll see wonderful blues and greens in swirling floral prints as well as striking geometric patterns in black and white. His animal prints include butterfly designs, zebra stripes and even a shimmering reptile design. All the David Emanuel prints are exotic and glamorous. Look out for the pebble, wave and sun-ray designs. You are guaranteed to feel summery whenever you slip into one, regardless of whatever the British weather is throwing at us.

036077_09_b_mediumIf bright, pretty colours aren’t really for you, geometric designs are on trend this season too. Usually to be found in darker colours, these striking patterns are very flattering. You’ll find zig-zags, houndstooth, Aztec, tribal, spots and circles. Zig-zags look particularly good in black and white and suit all shapes and sizes.

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a maxi dress in a strong printed design, you might prefer to limit your prints to your top or bottom half and team them with a plain top or pair of trousers or skirt. Black or white cropped trousers with a bright blue paisley printed top can be a great look, as is a crisp white shirt teamed with a long skirt sporting a strong geometric or tribal design. Some of the designs are extraordinary works of art in themselves in beautiful colours. Never be afraid to wear colour whatever your age!

Colourful tops and dresses are rejuvenating. They immediately lift the face, bringing light and energy to your features. Often, as we age, we make the mistake of increasingly playing safe with our clothes, choosing black as though we wish to hide ourselves away from the world or in the often mistaken belief that it is slimming. When you choose colourful prints instead, you show the world that you are not afraid of who you 036073_89_mediumare. They suggest that you have energy and verve and a playful side. And, on top of all this, they are flattering on larger figures as they distract the eye away from bumps and bulges. The eye is drawn instead to the symmetry of the pattern and doesn’t focus on the body below.

If you are still unsure about wearing something so bright, how about limiting your print to a scarf? Summer scarves have really taken off this year. You’ll be spoilt for choice. They are very inexpensive as well, and so you can afford to buy a selection in beautiful colours to jazz up any of your outfits. Experiment too with how you tie them. They will bring welcome colour to your neck and cleavage, and that colour will be reflected in your face, making you seem more youthful and energised.

So be brave and be bold and pick yourself the perfect print for this summer!

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