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What to wear to a Summer wedding

The summer wedding season is almost upon us again so if you are already planning your outfit and need some inspiration, look no further than our guide to summer wedding style. Weddings are often very grand affairs these days with brides and grooms going to great lengths, and expense, to make their special day memorable. … read more

How to style a little black dress

The big fashion news this summer is that black is back. For all the vibrancy of the season’s colours, summer flowers, blue skies and bright sunshine (if we’re lucky), black and white are the colours to be seen in this year. The trend for wearing white in summer is no surprise. Every year those of … read more

Top summery styles for winter sun

What can you do in cold, wet, dismal February apart from escape from the UK and fly to the sun? Lots of Bonmarche customers are lucky enough to be doing just that, it seems, because sales of our gorgeous winter sun range are going really well. If you are fortunate enough to be jetting off … read more

Are you stuck in a clothes rut?

Let’s be honest here, many of us are guilty of wearing the same style of clothes day in and day out and have been for many years. How many times do you go into your favourite fashion store (BonmarchĂ©, of course!) and pick up a top or a skirt just because it looks like the … read more

Staying fit and fashionable in your 50s

They say that 50 is the new 30. That may not be quite the case but there is no doubt that women in their 50s in the 21st century look and dress a great deal younger than their counterparts of 50 years ago. Back in the Fifties and Sixties a 50-year-old woman was likely to … read more