Cropped trousers or crops are cool, sexy and, best of all, allow you to show off your fabulous summer sandals. Crops are chic, fun but also practical. Who wants to wear heavy long trousers during the summer months when you can feel a lot cooler wearing crops?

They are incredibly versatile, looking as good in the office as on the beach, depending on what you team them with and they subtly draw attention to your your ankle bone which can be a very attractive look. You can dress them up with a glamorous top and heels or dress them down with T-shirts and flats. If the weather changes and the temperature drops or it starts to rain, you can change your sandals for a pair of short ankle boots and slip a woolly jumper over your T-shirt and a stylish rain coat and you are good to go.

When choosing the perfect pair of crops, consider your own leg length. If you want to buy skinny crops, then make sure the crops stop some way above the ankle. You don’t want your new crops to look as if they are just trousers or leggings that are a bit short on you. Somewhere below the knee, halfway down your shin, is usually about right. Make sure that the leg opening does not flap. It should fit closely to your leg. They look great with stylish flats or sexy heels.

If you feel more comfortable and glamorous wearing wide leg cropped, there are plenty to choose from this summer. As with skinny crops, length is crucial. They must not hang too close to your ankle, looking as though they are badly hemmed. Make sure they end some way above your ankle bone. They look great with heels but are less likely to work with flat sandals. And if the weather changes and you want to wear warmer shoes, team them with a tight fitting pair of boots and you will look effortlessly stylish, no matter what your age or size.

What about shorts though? While many curvy women are happy to embrace crops, unfortunately many larger ladies are not confident enough to try shorts. Yet if you are on holiday in a very hot country, wearing anything other than shorts and a thin T-shirt can be horribly uncomfortable. The good news is that no matter what your size or age, shorts can look great.

Here are a few tips to help you to choose the perfect pair of shorts for you this summer.

Don’t be afraid to buy a size larger than you normally would. If you go up a size, you’ll find that you are less likely to get a muffin top and that the shorts won’t crease tightly around your thighs as you move around. Sit down in them before you buy to check that are not going to ride up too high. If they do, try a larger size.

Avoid shorts with lots of pockets for a smoother outline.

Pleats are not always flattering and can make your tummy look as though it is sticking out further than it might be!

Don’t tuck tops into shorts but look for longer length T-shirts which will give you a longer, smoother silhouette.

Once you have found your perfect pair of shorts, it makes sense to choose a jacket or loose woollen jumper that you can wear with them if the evenings become chilly. If you want a formal look, a blazer in a contrasting colour will look very good, especially if you are wearing a glamorous pair of heels and some jewellery.

What if the weather turns cold though? Can you still wear your shorts then? Yes, of course, just add tights in a block colour. Black is a favourite, particularly as many women feel that it slims their legs but lots of other colours work well too. All you need to do is to experiment to find the look that is just right for you.

There are plenty of crops and shorts in all our high street shops now. Bonmarche is definitely worth exploring. They sell a wide range of shorts and crops in sizes 12 to 24, and increasingly in a size 10. All their trousers are reasonably priced, good quality and come in many different colours. Take your time and you are sure to find a style that flatters your figure.

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