035657_020The big fashion news this summer is that black is back. For all the vibrancy of the season’s colours, summer flowers, blue skies and bright sunshine (if we’re lucky), black and white are the colours to be seen in this year.

The trend for wearing white in summer is no surprise. Every year those of us who are prone to spillages and dirt from unknown sources dread the day that all the beautiful floaty white dresses, tops and skirts go on sale. White is a classic summer colour, easily accessorised with anything and delightfully cool when paired with lace and linen.

This year though, the white dress has a rival. Enter the little black dress. While the trend for black may sound like a bit of a disaster, it’s always good to look at the pros and cons and, surprisingly, there are more arguments in favour of the little black dress than there are against it.

We all know that black is supposed to attract the heat, which is the immediate downside that strikes us when thinking about wearing black in summer. Fortunately though, in these days of light, thin, cool fabric, the colour of the dress is of little importance.

And now for the plus sides of the little black dress. Well, let’s face it, you can never have too many. A great quality dress that you purchase this summer will stand the test of time. Unlike most fashion trends, the black dress really isn’t seasonal or a one-hit wonder.

A carefully selected item will see you through into the winter, next spring, next summer and further into the future. A favourite dress is one of the most addictive things to wear and when has a black dress ever gone out of fashion?

41535765_xlargeEven if you’re not one for looking to the future, the possibilities offered by a black dress this season alone are endless. One carefully selected item will see you through the summer party season. Whether you are going out in the daytime or to a swanky evening function, careful accessorising will spruce up your look.

A great example is the summer barbecue. You’re invited over late afternoon, much too early to dress up for the evening, so you slip on a classic black dress, teamed up with some sparkly summer flip flops, a matching handbag and a nice necklace.

As the evening draws on, more guests arrive and they’ve dressed in evening wear, so you’re starting to feel a little out of place in the casual flip flops. Luckily, a full change of clothes isn’t called for, because you’ve got your trusty shoes, accessories and make up stashed away.

Time to slip into a killer pair of red heels, a matching handbag, a chunky necklace and a trendy kimono to keep your arms warm. Hey presto. You’re in evening wear and no longer feel out of place, even among the best dressed guests. Apply a little bright red lippy to complement the look and it’s time to get back out there and be the centre of attention.

If the thought of wearing black and white all summer strikes you as a little dull, fear not. Colour isn’t completely out of fashion. While the Nineties grunge and gothic looks will soon be heading for a high street near you, they’re not the be-all and end-all this season.

A little black dress can be teamed up with a chunky belt, colourful jewellery, a summer hat, beautiful shoes and a bright bag to liven up your look. With great quality, reasonably priced little black dresses so easy to come by this season, why not treat yourself to a host of colourful accessories to attract that little bit of welcome attention to your look?

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