036031_024_Who wouldn’t want to age gracefully? Looking stylish in your 40s, 50s and beyond is more than possible with a little forethought. Here are some classic fashion mistakes that it is easy to avoid.

Wearing clothes that are too baggy

Buying loose clothing is a common mistake made by many women over 50 who feel they should be dressing more ‘appropriately’ and ditch their erstwhile fashionable wardrobes for something altogether more plain. Baggy clothes are rarely flattering, however, whatever your size.

Wearing dull colours

Women over 50 are much more likely to wear black or navy than they were when they were younger. However, brighter colours can be very flattering on older women, lifting the skin tone, bringing out their eye colour and complementing their hair. Just look at The Great British Bake Off’s Mary Berry for proof that gorgeous colours suit older women just as much as their younger counterparts.

Wearing an old bra or one that is the wrong size

A good bra will lift your bust, making you look slimmer instantly. It will also give your confidence a boost, make you feel smarter and more ready to face the world. A poor bra is bad for the back, the breasts and the morale! As a general rule, a bra should be replaced every three to six months.

Colouring hair with one single colour

Unfortunately, hair dyed with a shop bought permanent product often looks dyed because the hair is uniformly one colour. A single block of dark brown, without any lowlights or highlights, can be draining against an older complexion. If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money having your hair coloured professionally, try a semi-permanent hair colour. Semi-permanents will wash out slowly revealing your own colour below, giving the appearance of high or lowlights.

Having too much plastic surgery!

Ok, this is not a mistake that many women in Britain make. Few of us probably even know someone who has had Botox, let alone a face lift but it can all go horribly wrong. Here is not the place to name and shame celebrities who have ruined their looks but it won’t take you long to find a few, using your favourite search engine.

Focusing on your flaws rather than your good points

It is all too easy to hone in on what you see your imperfections and to ignore your best features, particularly as you get older. Be kind to yourself and focus on what you like about your looks rather than what you don’t.

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