National Gardening Week – Spoil your Garden

The arrival of spring is probably more welcome this year than ever after the wettest winter on record. The buds are finally coming out as the ground gradually dries out and warms up. The soil is now in a good state to dig, still retaining sufficient moisture to support seedlings and baby plants get a … read more

In Defence of the Great British Cardie!

Why do our beloved cardigans have such a bad reputation? Living in an unreliable climate, we depend on them so much, but all too often they are seen as “sensible” items and they don’t have the cachet they deserve. Perhaps it is the legacy of too many iconic characters who have worn slouchy, baggy old … read more

Staying fit and fabulous over 50

Are you 50-plus and feeling your age? You certainly can’t stop the ageing process, we all know that, but it is possible to feel good and look great however old you are with a little exercise, a healthy diet and some fabulous clothes. Follow these three simple tips for feeling fit and fabulous over 50! … read more

Second chance entrepreneurs

You might be surprised to hear that 23 per cent of all new businesses are started up by people over the age of 55 and the majority are women. So if you’ve secretly dreamed of starting up a second career later in life, you are not alone and the chances of you succeeding are actually … read more

Revitalise your wardrobe this spring

Despite the dreadful storms and heavy rain that continue to cause havoc in the south west of England, spring is nearly upon us. It might be hard to believe but it won’t be long before our parks will be full of daffodils once again, the days will at last be longer and the skies calm … read more