Let’s be honest here, many of us are guilty of wearing the same style of clothes day in and day out and have been for many years. How many times do you go into your favourite fashion store (Bonmarché, of course!) and pick up a top or a skirt just because it looks like the kind of thing you always wear? You might buy it without even trying it on, so sure are you that it will look and feel just like ‘you’.036028_094_

But why not take advantage of the spring sunshine and that feeling of optimism that accompanies the start of a new season and try something a little different? Women of a certain age often gravitate towards the same colour, and for those who are more generously proportioned, this can often be black.

However, a lighter, brighter colour can often do wonders for the complexion, reflecting light and lifting your face and features. Take advantage of the many soft and pretty colours that are in our stores this spring. You’ll find a wealth of pastel shades and floral prints. Yes, they might be outside your usual comfort zone but you might be surprised at just how good they make you feel.

Unfortunately, many women decide that they should wear looser clothing once they reach 50 or even 40 but nothing could be further from the truth. A gently fitted jacket or dress which skims over your figure is both comfortable and flattering, defining the waist and setting off a voluptuous figure to perfection.

If you usually avoid dresses because you feel you no longer have the figure for one, be bold and try on a knee length jersey wrap dress. The Bonmarché range is designed for real women by our very own David Emanuel. They are supremely flattering, skimming over curves and making you look and feel very feminine. They come in many different colours and patterns. The black and white floral designs are particularly popular and a less demanding option for those who usually favour black and navy over pinks and light blues.

Don’t forget to accessorise! A new necklace, pair of earrings, scarf or bag can really lift an outfit and your mood along with it. Shorter necklaces will be in this spring. They draw the eye up towards the face and usually look a lot smarter than their long dangly cousins. Team yours with a matching pair of earrings for a co-ordinated look.

Be bold and fabulous at forty plus and leave your clothes rut far behind!

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